Hitra.....and an ocean with possibilities

Hitra is Norway's 7th largest island, surrounded by hundreds of small islands and rocks. Hitra is considered as a paradise for divers. We're lucky to have many different kinds of varieties and the visibility is good almost every day. In February/March you can experiense visibility up to 40 meters. In the summer time it can differ from 5 to 20 meters.

 Pecten Maximus is the largest type of scallop. These can be seen almost everywhere in large populations. Scallops are considered as a delicacy, either as sushi or grilled.

As the time has gone by we've realised that Hitra has someting very special compared to other divinglocations in Norway. Streams caused by the tide very common here. Small, easy ones, perfect for new beginners. Big, difficult ones, like "Storstraumen", only for experienced divers.

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