Dives with great variations

HitraDykk is situated in a area with exeptionel divingspots variations. We can offer you: 


Ø Drift dives (from streams with max. depht of 10 meters, 5-10 knots, to "The Bigstream" at "Barmfjorden", 12-15 knots).

Ø Walldives (max. depht from 18-70 meters).

Ø Wrecks ("MS Kletten", "MS Sandsvalen").

Ø Makrodives (for photoshooter).

Ø Nightdives (many spots of all variations, also in difficulties).

Ø Scallopdives (huge amounts of big scallops).

Ø Huntingdives (very good posibilities in catching a variety of fishspecies).


In Norway it's allowed for divers to hunt, like you do as a fisherman. But we controll our area from time to time to make sure that our divers dont't overload the species.


HitraDykk situate in a weatherly sheltered area. Until now we've  never cancelled dives due to bad weather.

We put our guests safety at the highest stake.

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